Baby Galvin

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oliver Hayes Galvin

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Rich & I are thrilled to share the news of our special delivery of Oliver Hayes Galvin!

Oliver was born on Dec 23rd,09 at 8:19pm at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London, weighing in at 3.695kg (8.1lbs) and 54cm in length. He arrived pretty quick after 4 hours of labour and is healthy, eating well, and we were so happy to be home together on Christmas Eve!

Jake is full of kisses for Oliver, and also likes to pet his face;-) But he also wants to jump on him, so we are working on the concept of gentle...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

9 months...

Since there is not a lot of room on my lap these days for storytime, we are improvising...due date is 3 days away...

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December stuff

Kind of a mishmash of photos, but am pretty sure the blog will shift focus slightly after until then, here is more of Jake!!

Here is his first 'school picture' taken at nursery. I think he looks about 5 here...

He is actually fast asleep here...I love how kids can sleep in any position;-)

My 2 favourite boys washing dishes!

This year's Christmas concert at Jake's nursery/daycare wasn't much different from the one last year. I tried to hide behind someone to not distract him, but he scanned the parents and spied me right away. After this first picture was taken, he ran over and sat with me to watch the next few songs. I convinced him to go back up with me in time for the 'hey!' in jingle bells.... oh well, maybe next year?!

After the concert, Jake wanted to get up on stage... (this picture also reminded me to get Jake's haircut)
And show me the piano...

Before our weekly swimming lesson, Jake likes to hide in the lockers! He is getting very confident in the water and enjoys showing off by jumping off the sides and loves to paddle around with his arm bands (water wings) chasing toys or me;-)

And finally, we had a bit of snow fall over the last couple days. Jake thought the snow made his gloves dirty, so he took off his gloves to solve the problem. Here is a little video for your enjoyment!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There is no such thing as a....


We went to the west end to find out if that was true, and we did in fact find a real live gruffalo!!
Jake LOVED it, and the actors were obviously entertaining and talented, as they held the kids attention for 50minutes! Not sure if its a popular book in Canada, but it is a cute story;-) This would be Jake's second west end theatre experience, his first being 'going on a bear hunt' cultured I know! hehe

And we are definitely on the homestretch for baby ZG...Boxing Day is fast approaching...

I'm feeling good except I hurt my back so my prego waddle is even more pronounced these days, and I usually end up walking about 10 paces behind Rich! Jake rubs my back and tells me its all better, so that I can carry him again:)

Friday, December 04, 2009

Jake's first sleepover!

About a month ago, we flew home to Calgary for a weekend trip and left Jake in the very capable hands of our friends Ryan & Gretchen and Jake's best friend Lincoln and little sister Olivia. Suffice it to say, he had so much fun, I don't think he even noticed we were gone!

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