Baby Galvin

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Ollie!

We celebrated Ollie's birthday (dec 23rd) in Calgary at an indoor waterslide. (thanks grannie annie for planning it!) When we walked in to the leisure centre full of people he whispered to me, 'mum,I didn't invite all these people to my party!' Turned out just a few close friends wanted to share pizza and cake, so he had a great time! He also loved his customised pink batman cake:) (thanks again auntie and gma bev) The batman cake tin is vintage and has been used for many ziegler birthdays over the years, including my older brothers about 35 years ago. It comes with both batman and superman faces and crests.

Ollie definitely has his own style and loves to dress up most days! He has a remarkable memory for placing people and places, and a better sense of direction than his mum already:) He loves teasing and to be teased, interested in every sport introduced to him, particularly rugby and wrestling with daddy. He looks up to Jake and loves being around him, playing in the park or cuddling up to him watching movies on the couch. Ollie has a stubborn streak that he is quite proud of I think, can break your heart with his big tears, and is dealing with growing up from toddler to little boy as best he can:)

And if I might add...getting more handsome every day:)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We didn't quite make it to Finland, but we did find Father Christmas!   We also found plenty of elves who needed our help making toys in the workshop, decorating gingerbread and checking on the reindeer getting ready for the big night!  Think the boys loved it when Santa said Auntie Jen was on the naughty list...but he was only kidding:)


Best ever letter to tooth fairy!