Baby Galvin

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ew Yoke

So...Jake knows Mama is going on an airplane to 'Ew Yoke' (New York) to see Auntie Jen:) and that he is going to 'Stay it Daddy'.

We'll see who has the toughest (first time I have left him overnight, and I'm gone a week) Rich (working full-time, doing the drop and pick up from nursery, bath, bed, etc) or Jake (Where mama gone Daddy?)

Stay tuned...flight leaves Saturday!

Friday, October 02, 2009


Here are some more family & friend pics from Calgary...we were treated with some amazing hospitality and weather which is making us wonder why we don't move back asap!! Although it has been awhile since we have been home over the maybe thats part of it:) Jake had so much fun running around with his cousins! He asks about them pretty much every day, and its tough to explain why we don't get to see them when he wants least we have skype!

Grannie Annie with Jake & Hayden

Cuddle with Cote, after playing shirtless digging for money in the Earls Tin Palace fountain!

We spent an afternoon in Bragg Creek with Rose, Jay, Zach and baby Alex...Jake is not happy I am feeding Alex:) We had a perfect day, swimming in the lake and enjoying the mountain air!

Celebrating Grandpa Gerry's 65th birthday is very serious business.

Jake hanging out with the birthday boy

Adorable Grayson and cuz Trish looking lovely in blue!

Jake loved Mira, and followed her everywhere!

The Calgary Galvin clan...Rob, Kel, Mac, Hayden and Grayson