Baby Galvin

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The AMAZING Easter Egg hunt!

Better late than never, these pics are from Mazzard Farm in Devon a few months ago.  
The elaborate easter egg hunt consisted of 24 clues for older kids in the woods and little eggs for the little ones to collect in the apple orchard.  

Kids making pizzas with Anne, our personal chef, who then prepared a gourmet 3 course dinner for the grown-ups

And it didn't matter that it was freezing cold on the beach, digging moats and getting really mucky were all the boys needed

Back at the farm, Jake got a splinter...eventually I persuaded him to let me remove it:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Ol Hockey Game

Jake and Ollie sang this entire song for international evening at his school a few weeks back.  They were given 1st prize for their efforts at the talent show!  
Stompin' Tom Connors lyrics below just for fun and I think their hero is Uncle Bobby and not Bobby Orr but that's ok:)

Hello out there, were on the air
it's hockey night tonight!
The tension grows,
the whistle blows,
and the puck goes down the ice.
The goalie jumps,
and the players bump,
and the fans all go insane.
Someone roars:
"Bobby Scores!"
At the good old hockey game!



The good old hockey game!

Its the best game you can name!

And the best game you can name,

is the good old hockey game!

Second Period.

Where players dash,

with skates a-flash,

the home team trails behind.

But they grab the puck,

and go bursting up,
and their down across the line.
They storm the crease,
like bumblebees,
and they travel like a burning flame.
We see them slide the puck inside,
its a one- one hockey game!

Third Period.

Last game in the play-offs too.

Oh take me where the hockey players

face off down the rink,

And the Stanley Cup,

is all filled up,
for the champs who win the drink!
Now the final flick,
of a hockey stick,
and a one gigantic scream:
At the good old hockey game

Ollie and I made a batch of pancakes with Canadian maple syrup to share which was served for dessert:)