Baby Galvin

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 months

Oliver is 4 months old and just got his 3 month jabs - only slightly behind but we're catching up:) He weighs 6.35kg, or 14lbs, and is doing all the right things to make his mum proud! He is pretty content, alert, seems to save his smiles for the girls we meet, although his daddy gets the best ones out of him! He puts himself to sleep by screaming at the top of his lungs for 5 minutes, much to the dismay of people around us, but we're used to it. He loves being read to and grabs the pages and pulls them into his mouth. He has his favourite rattles, just discovered the joy of chewing plastic spoons and likes his bouncy chair, but the best entertainment by big brother Jake. Oliver watches intently as Jake eats, plays, talks, runs around, or sings. Jake has started instructing us to 'tell' Oliver things. Example, "Mum, tell Oliver I'm eating my cheerios" me: "Ok, Oliver, Jake is eating his cheerios", and this goes on usually until I've had enough...

To mark his 4 months, we took Oliver swimming for the first time...he loved it! No tears even in the change room! Jake showed off and was swimming in circles around Daddy & Oliver on his pool noodle.

We enjoyed some alone time in queens park yesterday while Jake was at nursery, and enjoyed the green grass and yes, more sunshine!!

He is really getting strong and is somehow able to hold up his big head:)

Working really hard to get his ladybug rattle into his mouth...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bring on the sun!

We had one of those weekends where you just feel lucky to be alive and enjoy the sunshine on your back! We spent Sunday in Hyde Park basking in the sun, and although I'm sorry for those affected by the volcano, it was a treat to see the skies so clear and not hear any planes overhead.

Jake is taking a snack break here after playing to his hearts content on the pirate ship you'll see in the background.

Only the 2nd time Oliver has worn sunscreen:)

Jake still preferring to throw his ball in the trees to get it stuck rather than kick it around the park. The blossoming trees are beautiful right now!
A few more from earlier in the week

And last weekend, I grabbed my camera quickly enough to get some of this scene in front of us. They were riding down Picadilly in front of Green Park...looks like some kind of old-fashioned bike race. I couldn't find detail about it online later to share, but thought it was a fun pic anyway.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Look at his hair!

We hear that comment pretty much every day, so thought it warranted its own blog entry:) Some people say Rod Stewart, others say Sting...its good for a giggle anyway! Oliver's hair definitely does whatever it wants, but honestly I don't think I could style it this cool if I tried!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Squeaky Clean