Baby Galvin

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beach Series Portugal

Dramatic coastline on a gusty day!

Similar spot on a sunny calm day...
And the star of the show...

Jake could not get enough of the beach and ocean. Even when shaking from the cold, we had to drag him out!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Its cold in London tonight! Can't believe just last week we were enjoying the summer heat in is one from the top of Palacio de Pena, in Sintra, built in the 19th century as the Kings 'summer home'! Locals say the area has mystical powers, tales of insanity and eccentricity are known, batteries drain quickly in the area, and even on the sunniest day the gods are watching, as a white cloud hovers over the palace, affectionately known as 'the queens fart'! We had a wonderful holiday with Jake's grandparents Grannie Annie and Grandpa Gerry! As usual, more pics to follow:)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another day, another picnic

You may think its all we do lately, but its really only because I don't usually bring out the camera on grey, rainy days... that, and we LOVE picnics! Especially with a little wine and good company!
Our latest guests were Rich's Aunt Yoko and Uncle Phil, stopping through on their way to Spain.

Jake showed Aunt Yoko around the park:)

Uncle Phil entertaining his audience...
Jake on the beach chairs
He kicked me off
Livia and Mike joined us for the afternoon too
We showed them some typical London sights as is Big Ben from Buckingham Palace
The eye
Horse Guards Parade
Jake took a shift guarding the gate.
Rich & Aunt Yoko in Trafalgar Square

On another note...we went to the best birthday party a few weeks ago! Bubble machines, hula hoops, egg and spoon races...Jake was in his element! Seren, the birthday girl turned 1, but her older sister did most of the entertaining...

Jake appointed himself to clean up duty
The egg and spoon race.... I think Jake might be looking for food on the spoon?

That's it for now...we are on our way to Portugal tomorrow to meet Jake's Grannie Annie & Grandpa Gerry! Can't wait!