Baby Galvin

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beans on Toast

This delicacy is creeping into the boys diet more and more often.  What can I say, its quick and easy, plus they eat up!  Thought this went along well with the quote of the day from my little british boy Jake in his best London accent..."Mummy, someday can we go to the seaside in a coach?"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thanks Mom!

The last post about face painting prompted me to finally do a little post about a big THANK YOU to my mom!  She dropped everything a few months ago when I needed her here in London and was at my side to help with 2 very active boys when I wasn't well and Rich was away.  She cooked, cleaned, picked up the boys, visited the laundromat, and looked after me as well, never once complaining about anything.  The thing is she made it all seem so easy.  She has always been like this, even looking after 4 kids when we were growing up.  

So mom, I know I've said thank you, but just a special thank you on the blog from me (and Jake, Oliver and Rich) for everything you did over those 2 weeks, and continue to do for us. 
 p.s. Thanks Dad for letting her go:)  LYL!

Cuddles at the zoo
The sign Jake made for Grandma to see at the arrivals gate.
Only grandma leaves a little extra batter to lick up!

Out for fish 'n chips to give Grandma Bev a night off from cooking:)
Jake's yelling 'fish 'n chips!' 
Playing frog frenzy with Oliver
Fighting over Grandma...Ollie is mad at Jake here!

Monday, August 08, 2011

animals at the zoo

Our stop at the zoo usually includes a stop at the face painting booth.  The crazy thing is how fast these works of art are completed...5 minutes flat!   I guess you have to be fast when kids are the customers!

Jake picked out his casual attire for the day at the zoo...

After Spiderman was complete, Jake said, 'I wish I was the mom and you were Jake, so then I could see my face!'

This butterfly was his first experience (taken last year)

And this little clown greeted me when I went to pick up Ollie from nursery:) 

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The commute

Yes, its not all big ben and changing of the guard...thought I'd give you a peek into my daily commute.  Its only about 20 minutes, yet while the tube is efficient, it is crowded and in the summer, hot and sticky.  The other day there were some delays and as I was waiting, the announcement went something like this..."I can still see airspace inside the carriages!  Please move along inside the carriages so others can board this train"  ugh...want to trade for a/c and some personal space anyone?