Baby Galvin

Friday, February 19, 2010


Jake loves his quatchi hoodie (thanks Janine!) He slept in it the other night, and was more than happy to pose looking oh so natural ;-)

Oliver is also getting into the Olympic spirit, cheering for Canada from the bottom level of our double decker.

The weeks and years are flying by it seems! We celebrated Rich's birthday last week, Jake helped me bake his daddy a cake, and just a tip...'relighting candles' means they are trick candles, not that you can use them again...oops! Our flat was quite smoky by the time the candles were eventually put out! Oliver did not enjoy the festivities as much as his big bro.
And off to the pub to watch some rugby...
Jake with the boys...
Oliver with the girls

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ollie tours London

At 6 weeks, weighing in at 10lbs, 15oz, Oliver has been successful in getting what he wants by doing what babes do best...screaming for his dinner!!

Sweet Pea:)
Grandma Bev and Papa Gordon were keen to take in a few London sights while here, so first stop...Tower of London, which most famously holds the crown jewels! Here is our tour guide, a 'beefeater' at the Tower, standing in front of traitors gate!

Tower Bridge in the background
Grandma Bev, Oliver & I spent about half the day in the starbucks right next to the Tower, while Papa Gordon continued the tour on our behalf;-)

Jake at the Science Museum

Stopping for a pint at the old abbey road pub, now called the salt house. Note the happy expressions and empty pint glasses...coincidence?

Both boys sound asleep at the pub...mother of the year??

London Eye

British Museum

The Rosetta Stone
The Parthenon Sculptures from Greece (Oliver did sleep through most of this;-)
My dad's favourite greek god, Dionysus, the god of wine...
And Jake could not miss out on Big Ben by day....
And night...
Thanks to the babysitting services of the grandparents, Jake & I were able to continue his Thursday swimming lessons...not sure what we will do this week...hmmm...Grandma & Papa, come back please!!! We all miss you!!