Baby Galvin

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

24 hours later...we made it!

I think it must have been some kind of test, and I'd like to think Jake & I passed with flying colors! Short version of the story is that we arrived at Gatwick (London) airport at 8am, and due to several delays (old broken plane?!) our flight departed at 3:45pm. So I now know of 101 ways to entertain a toddler in an airport! Then we had a 8 hour flight ahead of us and thankfully Jake slept for about 3 hours, had no trouble adjusting to Calgary time, and has been busy catching up with friends ever since we landed!

Here is the first pic of many! These are Jake's cousins Hayden and Macarthy Galvin, and the boys had a sleepover together on the weekend. It was really entertaining and pretty sure everyone had a good time:) Thanks Rob & Kelly for taking such great care of us!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

August adventure!

Jake & I are about to depart on our next adventure...a trip back to Canada to help Grandma Bev & Grandpa Gordon celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary! Hope to see many friends and family soon!! Oh yeah, and wish me luck on the flight...I think a squirmy toddler might be a little different than the sleepy baby I had last time we went to Canada...

Met this lovely woman in the park taking photos of her little boy. She also snapped a few of Jake and burned them on a cd for me the next day! This was one of my faves.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Innocent Fete

Innocent Smoothies sponsored this festival last weekend in Regents Park. There was lots of smoothie tasting, (mango and carrot/ blueberry and vanilla, etc), live music, fun and games to be had. Jake's best buddy Lincoln and his parents met us there and the boys enjoyed the fresh air and running around together! I know there are a lot of pics, so just scroll through them quickly:)

Toddler size teepees were a hit!

Seems to be a green/white theme...

Jake wore the 'smoothie passport' the whole day:)