Baby Galvin

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the cobb

We visited a corner of Dorset/Devon on our last little mini-break to mazzard farm. Although I didn't take any pictures of it from a distance we walked along the cobb (harbour sea wall) on a bit of a blustery day. Any breezier and I wouldn't recommend it, as there is no safety rail...
It was first built around 1313, and modifications have been made over the years.

After the great outdoors, we played in the penny arcade. Every game cost 2p, the boys loved it! No pics though, but am sure you can imagine the excitement:)


Very proud of jake this week, we talked about bringing his A-game and he brought it! He earned 3 badges over hal-term. 50m front crawl, 100m backstroke and racing dive!