Baby Galvin

Monday, July 30, 2007

My new favourite picture...

As Jake & I are travelling back to Canada for 6 weeks, leaving August 1st, blog updates will be far and few between. So, I thought I would post a fun picture to leave with all you blog regulars:)

Although it looks like a camping picture, we were at our friends Jen&Brandon's for a bbq on the weekend.

Brandon at the grill...

Jen taking her turn at pass the hedgehog. (our nickname for Jake based on his grunts) Although it may appear that Jake may be playing with fire... it is only a citronella candle keeping the bugs away!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Here is our little guy playing with his toes after naptime. Usually he treats me with a smile after his nap, but I think the flash must have scared it out of him!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Monkey see...monkey do!

Not sure who started this look, but they do say imitation is the finest form of flattery!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jake can't wait to meet his fans...

Hi friends & family - just wanted to let you know that Jake & his Mummy are coming for a nice long visit from August 1st-Sep 10th. (Daddy is going to join us August 30th.) We plan on being in Saskatchewan till August 20th, then back to Calgary for the remainder of our visit. So...if you want to catch up and meet Mr. Jake, then please email me or Auntie Jen:) or
Looking forward to seeing as many fans as possible! Can't promise autographs, but can promise lots of drool....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bandana Boy

Well really, if you can't have fun dressing up your kid in silly hats, etc every once in awhile, then you are taking life too seriously!

I like the after-work shot of Daddy too - Jake is always so excited to see him when he walks through the door:)

Flamenco Friday!

So sometimes I forget we live in a city so full of culture and opportunities. Jake & I met our friends Lisa & Sebastian (another mum&babe) for a free lunchtime flamenco concert at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall. It turned out even better than expected as both boys loved the music, and about half-way through, Jake peacefully drifted off to sleep!

No pics of the dancers unfortunately, but here are some London phone booth shots:)

If interested check out

(Lisa & Sebastian)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Time flies...

....when you are having fun! Or else deprived of sleep so you have no idea of how much time has passed....both have some truth I'm sure!

At 4 months, Jake is really starting to interact with the world around him. He loves being read to, when we open a book he wriggles with delight and then will go completely still, giving it his complete attention. He seems to enjoy being startled, tickled and will reward any efforts of singing (I do mean any effort, no matter how out of tune) with a big open mouth smile! He can spend 20 minutes mesmerized by the leaves blowing in the wind in our garden. He has found his toes and is also at the age where pretty much everything is making its way into his curious mouth and comes out covered in drool...

working those abs, trying so hard to roll over....
....on to his tummy!


mom trying to style his hair:)

Lounging on the sofa, just hanging out with Christina

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

photoshop fun...

Just playing around to see if this would actually work. I have a few extra precious moments when Jake is extending his nap. Yes, I should be napping too but my cup of strong Tim Hortons coffee is working its magic! (click on the collage to see full size)

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Maple Leaf

Let me tell you - these shoes were a hit! (Thanks Britt-perfect gift!)

We were hanging out with friends outside at a pub on Canada Day and 2 separate fellow Canadians came over to say Hello to Jake! They both wanted to hold Jake and have their picture taken to show other friends back home I guess:) Acutally it was a treat to have a stranger in London be overly friendly - its one of the things we miss most about Canada, and Jake loved the attention!

Of course he was also wearing head to toe Canadian gear; his Roots hoodie when it cooled off (thanks Jennie&Chris) and Old Navy onezie (thanks Dave&Cheryl!)

He does have much more Cdn clothing, sorry I couldn't thank everyone, but we just couldn't put on anymore layers:)

Happy Canada Day everyone!