Baby Galvin

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Look who's 40....

Yep, Rico is!  To celebrate, we took in the amazing Cirque de Soleil Totem, playing at the even more amazing Royal Albert Hall here in London.  We enjoyed some pre-show champagne to toast the occasion too of course.  Alas, no photos allowed at the show, but a memorable night out:)  
The next day was a bit more serious, Daddy and his boys put together a coat rack/shelf thing.  Not sure who had the most fun, but definitely some father-son/s bonding going on here!  

Life in a flat

Sometimes we get a little creative in our compact living space:)  

Football in the hall...

And our double decker buggy comes in handy on trips to the laundromat! 

Oliver enjoying a poppadom from our local Indian takeaway!