Baby Galvin

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hilda farm

When we were in Canada over the summer, I joined my dad in a trip down memory lane...his memories mainly, but he shared them with me when we visited the farm he grew up on. It is in Hilda, Alberta, Canada, just 20miles from where I grew up across the border yet I'd never been. Thanks Dad, hope you like the pictures.

My Dad helped his Dad (Papa Ziegler) plant this tree as a sapling.
Inside one of the barns, if you look closely by the door, there are rows and rows of beer bottle caps nailed to the frame. This was a hangout for my dad, his brother and friends in high school and beyond perhaps...I loved it!

This was once my uncle's truck
My dad (the younger brother) was on lookout duty!
I just liked this metal siding on one of the sheds.
In the basement of the farm house.
Think the barn has seen better days
My Dad is demonstrating how he used to do one of his chores on the farm. In the barn, behind the wall is where the chickens roosted, and would perch on a ledge and well, poop. My Papa Ziegler designed this so they could pull out the section below the ledge and easily clean the coop! I remember my dad telling us this story when we were little:)
Watering hole where my dad learned to swim

Quarter section of land, 35, that his family took over from Jeske's