Baby Galvin

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A new car!

For some reason the bing bing bing of the price is right jumps into my head with this phrase:)

After 11 years in London using only public transport, we finally decided it was time, and although we've proven its not essential, it will make little trips that much easier. Rich bought it while we were in Canada without him, and he suprised the boys on our first day home to help distract from the jet lag... which definitely worked. Its a great used car, a 2006 volvo 7 seater, perfect for us when visitors come over! Did I mention Jake and Oliver looooove it? Although Jake's dream car is a white bmw, this will have to suffice. However, as I don't have my licence in the UK, Jake has been less than impressed when it sits unused in front of our flat when Rich is away. I have actually sat in it with the boys for 20min playing with all the windows and listening to music:) I'm sure the novelty will wear off...until then UK mini-breaks await!

Ollie waiting in the carpark. (Parkade is a Canadian word)

Jake behind the wheel

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

School Days

 So the focus was on Ollie today as it was his first day of reception:) He woke up and put on his uniform before his eyes were even open, gobbled up his requested pancake breakfast and put on his shoes waiting at the door. At school, he said hello to his friends from nursery and walked in to class with just one quick look back to me for a wave. Jake gave him some good advice about how to respond when the register is taken, and to eat school dinners quickly for more playtime! 
Jake is starting year 3, which makes him a 'junior' as opposed to an 'infant'. Psychologically, it sounds like a big step, and in the playground it is as well. He started a week before Ollie and is unsure whether he wants kiss me goodbye. I still get one but it is often after looking around to see who is watching. This makes me incredibly sad, especially after he made up a special kiss for us just a few months ago called a 'european fish kiss'. It goes cheek, cheek and pucker fish style on the lips! Such is life, this whole kids growing up thing is quite bittersweet some days...