Baby Galvin

Thursday, December 30, 2010

We have a fireplace?

That was Jake's response when I explained how Santa was going to get into our home;-)  Granted we have had a really thick tv (what is the opposite of flat screen?) since we moved to London, and its been parked in front of our beautiful Victorian fireplace since Jake was born...but still, Jake we know its there!  Anyway, we are now the happy owners of a flat screen tv that fits perfectly in the cupboard beside the fireplace, so Santa will have an easier time next year!

Here are some typical pics of Christmas from the Galvin household...

Jake was a bit nervous that Santa might still be there, so he hid behind me walking up the stairs into the living room....and saw this!  Love his expression!

Next year, we are just buying a big box...when will we parents learn, it really is the best part!
Boxing Day walk to the park to check out what was left of the snow...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas baby turns 1!!

I know everyone says it, but it really has been a blur of a year for us!   Yep its true, little Ollie is not so little anymore, and is showing us new tricks every day!   He likes to pick out his favourite squeezie foods from the cupboard and grunts at us until we open it up for him.  He crawls with his hands full, usually 2 little cars, and bangs his way across the floor;-)   He claps, knows 'arms up' when getting undressed, and shows us 'how big' he is by putting his hands on his head.  And just like his brother, knows exactly what the skype ring sounds like, and eagerly checks to see who is calling!   He looks like a bit of a bruiser, but is really a softie, giving out plenty of kisses, and snuggles right in to your neck when being held.   He is also turning into quite the daddy's boy, choosing Rich over me 9 times out of 10!  I try not to take it too personally;-)

So we celebrated with a family dinner at Nando's, (grilled peri-peri chicken, corn on the cob and chips) then back to the flat for some chocolate cupcakes that big brother Jake made as a suprise for Oliver!  Some pictures, (a lot of close ups) of our 1 year old!

Most of the food makes it into his mouth - not a lot of waste here!

Oliver is happiest in water!  Bath, swimming pool, ocean, any body of water makes him smile!  We will continue our weekly swim lessons in January of course.

A birthday squeeze from mum!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Annual snowfall!

our street
Catching snowflakes:)

Spot the snowball heading for Rich!

Jake loved trying to make snowballs and throwing them at mum & daddy, and searching for 'ice-sticks'!

Your Christmas card from the Galvins may be stuck here...

The novelty is wearing off...

Friday, December 17, 2010


With the short days, these guys seem to spend more & more time in their p.j.'s! I like this series as I see so much going on. Oliver watching Jake's every move, and Jake holding onto Oliver's arm to move him closer. Jake's upper red lip, due to the constant runny nose...and Oliver clapping, which he is doing all the time (due to the positive feedback I'm sure;) and Jake showing me his Mr.Happy face!

Friday, December 03, 2010

The wheels on the bus

We stopped by another really cool museum last weekend. The London Transport Museum, right in the middle of covent garden. As suggested by its name, it takes you through the history of transportation in London starting in the 1800's to present day.

Look out...Jake is behind the wheel of a red double-decker bus!

Must push past the other passengers...
Oliver really tried hard to drive too!
70's style on the tube?
Timeline a bit out of order, first double decker carriage back in the 1800's.

And in the 1900's
The bus blinds were pretty interesting, and some are still in use today!

Definitely worth another visit!