Baby Galvin

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jake Skates!

Natural History Museum Ice Rink at night time

There are a few outdoor skating rinks in London - this one is outside the Natural History Museum and is a beautiful setting! Jake was very excited and in his words, just a little bit scared to go skating:) His skates were called 'bob skates' which have double blades (perfect for staying upright!) and reminded me of the old roller skates we had as kids where your whole shoe fits in to the brace. After his initial disappointment at not getting blue skates like mum, he was raring to go! He will definitely need to keep practicing to keep up with his cousins in Canada:) However, if his interest in skating continues, we will definitely need to find a cheaper venue, as £13 per adult and £8 per child (for 1 hour!) is a bit steep!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

J: Mom, I want a bicycle.
A: Well...maybe you can ask Santa for a bicycle for Christmas?
J: OK I will...can we ask him tomorrow?
A: No, we will go see him in a few weeks. Christmas is still pretty far away.
J: Oh, its far away. Will we take a train to get there?

And as Oliver approaches the 11 month mark, he is cruising like a champ, pulling everything out of cupboards, (much to his brothers delight), and loves snuggling and giving kisses.
Favourite foods - peas and blueberries, breadsticks and hummous for healthy stuff and baby biscuits and these wholegrain o's (kind of like rice puffs) for snacks:)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Well, we had some last minute visitors arrive on our doorstep recently. Rich had to travel to India for a couple weeks for work, and I must have sounded especially lonely on the phone to my before I knew it, Grandma Bev & Papa Gordon arrived to keep us company! Here are some pics from our whirlwind week:) Thanks sooooo much for the spontaneous trip M&D- sure makes us feel loved over here!!
This just made us laugh!

Making Bev's lasagne for the freezer!
Jake on his scooter on our way through the park - note the outdoor gym behind for anyone to use!
Of course, stopped for lunch at the National Geographic Store for my dad...
Didn't squeeze in tea at the Ritz this time...maybe next time!
7 years living here and first time at this museum!
One of our favourite days was spent at Kew Gardens. Jake is at a great age to enjoy the playground and treetop walkway!

One of the many giant trees here...

Oliver seems to be relieved some days when we get home, so playtime with Papa is so nice after a busy day!

Token bath bum shot...
Last night out for fish 'n chips!
Enjoying a cuddle on the couch:)