Baby Galvin

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My 7 year old...I'm so proud of you every day, and love seeing you grow and learn with an insatiable appetite for reading.  Maybe I'm extra proud as I see myself in you, and you like it when I call you my little bookworm:)

Here you are reading anywhere and everywhere you can squeeze it in...

Thankfully,you still like when we read to you.

With your increased vocabulary, scrabble is also a new favourite game, and playing scrabble online with your Grannie Annie has been so exciting!

Writing stories comes next, so far you like drawing speech bubbles in cartoons the most.  

Thanks to Auntie Jen who has spoiled you with most of your reading material!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Paddy Greenbottom

The leprechaun trap was set...

 Jake added the spoonful of jellybeans on the side which we were sure would lure the little guy right up the ladder...and upon reaching the top,he would take a step and the false top will give way and drop him inside the trap!

Unfortunately Paddy Greenbottom escaped! He left behind some chocolate and gold pound coins and little notes though which helped soften the blow;)