Baby Galvin

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top 10 (or so) from our trip to Canada

1. Throwing rocks and sticks into the water from the bridge with Papa Gordon and Gma Bev
2. Playing hockey with Grannie Annie and she was laughing because the ball went under her legs
3. Ice skating in the dark with Uncle Bobby and Mac and Hayden, and then drinking hot chocolate
4. I had a sleepover at Auntie Jen's and we had waffles for breakfast
5. I liked tobogganing in Richmound and Papa Gordon pulled me on the sled and I went really fast down the road
6. Skiing with my cousins and when I went skiing, I did a jump and my skis went off the ground
7. Balloons at Grandma Joan's and Papa Larry's, and Gma Joan's cake
8. Playing Cadoo with Mira and Emma

9. Doing puzzles with Grayson
10. I went in a hot tub at Cam's and could see the mountains
11. Going downstairs at Gma Bevs to that big room (crawl space) and finding things
12. Going to that big place with Megan and climbed up in the tree! Then my trousers got wet and she let me wear her extra ones

Thursday, February 07, 2013

In the mountains!

So many more pictures from our perfect Christmas holiday in Canada, but here are a few to start before we hit Valentine's Day:)

Ski lessons

Not sure who was more terrified, Jake going over the jump, or me watching from behind, powerless to slow him down!! 

 Tubing (maybe next time)



Hot tubbin' with Auntie Cuke!

Cabin view from the loft