Baby Galvin

Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa must know we are Canadian!

The hit gift of the season...air hockey keeping these boys true to their roots.  According to Jake, everything came from Santa, even though it wasn't on his list.   Thanks to our families for helping out Santa this year:)

Breakfast time...sourdough french toast...mmm
I will not wear my new christmas jumper!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec 23rd...

Ollie is 2, and we are not sure how to separate a birthday on 23rd from Christmas...any ideas?   I guess we should avoid Christmas wrapping paper for one (see below), maybe celebrate the weekend before?   Oh well...I'm sure the guilt will work in his favour one day!  Without further are some pics of his special day:)

Big bro helping with cake assembly:)

Dressing up for big day?  ;-)
Ollie loves dressing up in hats, costumes, goggles, even stickers and makes me giggle along with him most days!
Train ride to the thea-tah...

Waiting for the show....peppa pig (yes again!)
Pizza express for lunch, loving the fancy kids dessert with baby-cino!

Almost burned his lip, so got a bit gunshy of the candle...skyped with Gma Bev & Papa Gordon for blowing them out which was fun:)

My favourite Christmas ornament courtesy of Tricia Galvin when Ollie was born has a special place on the tree every year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Soldiers and Shepherds

Egg Soldiers below....another yummy treat, not sure if its English but its not Canadian:)  The strips of toast are called soldiers and its fun to dip them in the soft boiled egg.  Well Jake loves it, it may be an acquired taste for Ollie....

And because I love alliteration, I am including some pics of Jake the shepherd in his first nativity play at school.  He came home with a line to learn, 'Mary & Joseph lived in Nazareth!' but didn't know who he was or why he was saying it.  He then saw a picture of his Uncle Mitch (who always has a 4 o'clock shadow) and called him 'Jesus!'  Haha!  We practiced and practiced, and no stage fright on the big day!  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

School fair

Jake's school fair was this weekend and I tell ya, I'm not sure about this school mum stuff.  I roasted 4 chickens, which Rich carved and shredded for 'Christmas in a bun' sandwiches, made 36 reindeer cupcakes and worked a shift as an elf at the fair...hmmm something tells me this is just the beginning! We did raise a decent amount of money for the school though, so all for a good cause, and we did have a little bit of fun:)  

Love this series...especially the holding hands:)

Truth be told, Jake did most of the hard work decorating these reindeer!  

Ollie joining in the fun:)