Baby Galvin

Friday, November 25, 2011

Halloween 1&2

I'm a bit behind on the halloween front...but we had 2 costumes this year, indoor and outdoor:)  
So, really tough rugby players or formula 1 race car drivers?     What's your fave?  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Back in the new york groove...

So let's rewind a bit...before the beautiful wedding, we spent some down time in NJ with our friends Ryan & Gretchen and their adorable kids!  Thanks guys for letting us crash with you, and taking such good care of all of us!  See picnic below perfect for little fingers...

Enter Auntie Jen, Britt 'Bit Cloud' to save the day and boldly take Jake & Ollie into NYC

Entertainment in the hotel room:)
Lots of play time in Central Park!

That was a big ask, so thank you to Jen and Britt for taking on the challenge, and taking such good care of my boys...J&O got spoiled rotten!  Thanks to Rosalie & Llana who let the boys tag on to the end of their girls trip too:)

Back in NYC, we found this truly cool kid friendly american bbq restaurant, where they checked our buggy at the door, and brought out cookie dough shapes for the boys to decorate, and baked them while we ate our ribs to then bring them back for dessert!  Its called Blue Smoke and we highly recommend!

Yes, carriage ride in central park...bit of a rip off...

We took in the highline, worth a visit, and its free!

Fun to be above the traffic and enjoy being away from the frantic pace below!

Playing silly statues with Katie over pancakes:)

And pancakes with Jerry....Seinfeld!  That's right, just 2 tables away at the Galaxy Diner...alas I hesitated to ask for his photo, and then missed my chance.  Really felt like we were in an episode of Seinfeld!

Jake at the helm

Skating in central park with Daddy!

Times Square
Ollie loves NYC!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Upstate New York!

You may ask why we would travel to upstate new york while living in London?  To celebrate the wedding of Chris & Jennie, that's why!  It was a beautiful day, ceremony overlooking Lake George surrounded by golden autumn colours, a bit chilly but the sun came out just in time!  The bride looked amazing, and we toasted the happy couple with good friends while also being lucky enough to leave the boys in NYC with Auntie Jen! (more on that later:)