Baby Galvin

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January is almost over?

Yep...definitely might be a lack of blogging as I started back to work Jan 4th!   I'm lucky enough to work 3 days/week and have 4 days/week with my boys:)  Weekends are spent catching up with friends, going to museums, parks, whatever strikes our fancy.  (a phrase that still doesn't flow but is growing on me:)   This pic was taken after meeting my friend Jonica for brunch at our fave Italian brunch place called Raouls.  Jake feels so at home here his shoes always come off when we sit down:)   She brought some adorable clothes from H&M (shirt and tie for Jake), which he wore for the rest of the weekend, looking oh so smart! 

Another little Jake story...I was walking along with the boys and suggested we stop at a cafe for a sandwich, and Jake says, 'Mom, can we stop at the cafe with the big M on it??'  So, yes, Jake won that one, and got himself a little happy meal at MacDonalds:)     

And little Ollie is walking!  This weekend he took about 6 steps in a row!  Pretty sure he prefers the crawl as its much more efficient, (especially with his head down!)  but it sure is fun watching this milestone!  

Sunday, January 09, 2011

prezzies from peru!

Auntie Jen once again scored big points by sending some really cool gear from her amazing trip to Peru with Rosalie!  They successfully climbed to the top of Machu Picchu and sent some inspirational pics...add that to my list!!  We think the kids in Peru might be a wee bit smaller on average than our boys as we had to really stretch the hats to get them on;-)