Baby Galvin

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 parties

Oliver turned 3 in December and as it turns out, 3 parties were on the cards!

Party #1 - CC's in London decorating gingerbread houses with his buddies

Cucumber sandwiches at birthday tea (a staple in Ollie's diet)

Party #2 at Grannie Annie's in Calgary with our families in Canada!  Thanks Auntie Cuke (Jen) for the awesome train cake and husky backpack!  He did get spoiled from everyone else too, so thanks from Ollie for all the lego & pirate ships, clothes and puzzles:)  

When too much attention is focused on him, he puts his hand on his forehead to hide from everyone.
Way more fun with some help!

Party #3...not planned, but when you go for sushi, its time to celebrate with pocky sticks!