Baby Galvin

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

lucky charms not enough...

Morning everyone,
We almost caught lucky the leprechaun with not 1 but 2 traps set last night...soooo close! The disappointment clear on their faces below:(

Ollie took his trap in to show and tell, and Jake took in his cheeky backwards letter which you can only read in the mirror!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jake's 8th birthday

As you can see, Jake had the best birthday ever!!  We celebrated after school yesterday at a cool new climbing centre, the car ride there eating pizza and back dropping off Jake's friends was almost as much fun as the climbing;-) Ollie was right in there, and it appears we have another natural climber in the family...and looks like he beat his dad up to the top at least once.

Now you wouldn't catch me on the drop slide, but of course the kids loved that too...

New jammies topped off the perfect day, thanks gma bev!