Baby Galvin

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saskatchewan Wheatfields

I'm not sure if its my time away from the prairies, but the wheatfields ready for harvest were more beautiful than ever this year!

Check out the ghost in the bottom right corner of the first pic...

Then the clouds rolled in which made for some dramatic skies...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer Holidays

First of all, we miss Daddy!!!! While Jake & I have been in Canada, Rich has been in India for work and with side trips to Bali and Singapore, has been having some fun this summer too. However its time to get him back again - we are really looking forward to him joining our Canadian tour on the 30th! In the meantime, Jake loves talking to his Daddy's picture and chatting with him on the phone when he calls:)

As promised, here is a sampling of the last few weeks. As we were only in Calgary briefly, we are lacking pics from the Polistac/Galvin clan but I'm sure we will even it out over the next couple weeks.

The Galvin cousins Hayden & Macarthy

Pulling Auntie Jen's hair

Kaylynn loved carrying Jake around

The Ziegler cousins - Chelsea, Kaylynn, Brennon & Kyle

Jake laughing at Uncle Jeff!

Grandma Bev

Auntie Ginger

Hanging out with Cousin Brennon

Auntie Sandra & Auntie Ginger

Proud Uncle Mitch

Cutie pie Kyle

At the cabin in Elkwater with Grandma Bev & Grandpa Gordon

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Hi everyone! I can't believe we have been home for over 3 weeks already! First of all Jake was a perfect traveller (did not cry once on a 9 hour flight! I'm sure he will make me pay for bragging on our flight back) We started off with a wonderful welcome home at the Calgary airport - definitely the biggest reception yet....hmmm could it have anything to do with Jake? Nah - I'm sure it was all for me:) Whatever the reason thanks to Jen, Mitch, Ging, Bren, Anne, Gerry, Kelly, Rob, Mac &Hayden for being there!

The next 24 hours Jake was not quite so happy, and after a day of not really sleeping, Jake then seemed to adjust quite well to switching day for night, and was back to his usual happy self. He slept thru the Polistac family dinner Thursday, and then Friday we headed out to the Ziegler family reunion in Elkwater. Jake was entertained by his cousins the whole time, and loved the fresh air and trees!

Since then, Grandma Bev & Grandpa Gordon have been spending some quality time with both of us in Richmound. I will try to upload some pictures of our holiday sometime next week when Mom & Dad get high-speed internet!!!

Jake update - hit his 5 month birthday on August 9th and has started rice cereal...some typical food on face pics to follow:)