Baby Galvin

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its Party time!

On Jake's actual birthday, the 9th, we spent the day playing with Linc and Olivia, which was just a warm up to the upcoming party...

Jake proudly holds up 3 fingers

Must shave for the big party!
...and invite all his friends (thanks Grandma Bev!)
The gruffalo cake and cupcakes with purple prickles were a hit! The table was at eye level for the kids, and as the party wore on, the temptation was almost too much for most of them:)
He celebrated with his best friend Lincoln with a joint birthday party at the National Army Museum! The kids played for an hour in the army playzone, with lots of castles and slides to climb around on. It was definitely enough to work up an appetite!

Here is Linc playing dress-up
And finally, bring on the cake. Too much going on to get a pic of the candles being blown out! If anyone has one, please send it to me:)

All his friends from nursery sat together for lunch, too cute!
mmm...chocolate (there are little chocolate handprints on the wall beside Jake too...)
Playing with their soldiers after their friends had left the party
Posing with mum and little brother with his birthday balloons.
The happy fam at the museum:)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oliver vs Jake

Can't help but dig up some old pics as Oliver is growing into Jake's hand-me-downs...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Original Baby G is 3

Yes...3 years ago, we welcomed Jake into our lives. Thought I'd come up with a few Jake-isms that have kept us entertained. In no particular order...

Love you LOUD! This is still a favourite and has been adopted into all our families when saying goodbye especially on skype.

Everything now is 'what happened?" and if you ask Jake, its 'i don't member...' with a sly grin

He loves singing, and always up for treating us to a song, and baa-baa black sheep could be his first choice...sometimes this leads into medleys:)

J: Can I have some? (wine, beer, etc)
me: No Jake, thats for adults, who's an adult?
J: mommys an adult and daddy's an adult
me: And what are you?
J: I'm a Jake!

before Rich leaves for work in the morning
J: Be careful on your bicycle Daddy!
R: I'm not taking my bicycle today, I'm taking the train
J: Be careful on the train tracks Daddy, so the train doesn't run over you!
R: OK Jake
J: OK Daddy, have a good day!

asking people he meets
J: What's your FULL name?

Answering the phone
J: Hellope?

Living in Britain and his developing english accent and vocabulary
J: I need to do a 'wee' mummy
J: Can we go to the pahk? (park)
J: Tomahto (tomato)
J: Mummy, let's take the lift (elevator)
J: Put it in the rubbish!

His Papa Dordon trapped him btwn his legs and told him the magic word to release the vice was 'rumplesnits'. The other day we were at the park and someone else was playing around and 'trapping' their little girl, and Jake helpfully stated 'rumplesnits!'

I think he is starting to crave the sun like the rest of us over here!!
Taking on his new role of big brother! Oliver loves to watch him:)

Playing dress up is a new interest
And just this morning, "I love my baby brother" which is big improvement from a few weeks ago when he said 'mom, baby oliver can go back in your tummy now?'
He comes sneaking into our room in the morning to announce, its 7 o'clock? Then reads the numbers backwards on our clock to confirm. His favourite breakfast is a bagel with peat-nut butter & honey or jam. Or he likes to mix his cereals and have shreddies AND cheerios:)

I may add to this list, as it is by no means complete...or feel free to suggest any to me that you remember that have made you smile:)

Happy Birthday Jake!! Love you LOUD!!!

Be sure to tune in next week, as the joint Jake/Lincoln birthday party is on the weekend....

Monday, March 01, 2010

All in a days work

The light was so nice the other day (finally some sun shining in the window!), so I started taking pics of Oliver...and big bro Jake was not to be left out of the photo shoot!

While Jake was at nursery, Oliver & I stopped in at Hardy (Daddy's office) last week. Here he is getting some cuddles from Cheryl and although he started off in his pj's, he quickly realised he should change into something more appropriate:)
Love this shirt & tie onezie (Thanks Rose!!)

All dressed up ready to go home after a hard days work! Next time we go to Daddy's office, Jake will have to come along, as everyone was asking to see him too!