Baby Galvin

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Proms in the Park

We met some friends for the last night of the proms! The proms is mainly a celebration of classical music performed live, with plenty of patriotic tunes to sing along to in the finale! It is usually performed indoors at the Royal Albert Hall, but on the last night of the proms thousands of people watch it outside in hyde park!

This is the 114th year of the Proms and it still remains true to its original aim: to present the widest possible range of music, performed to the highest standards, to large audiences.

If you are interested in more history, check out the link below.

It started in the late afternoon, so we met some friends and enjoyed a picnic in hyde park accompanied by some live acts, like the abba tribute band 'bjorn again'!

We used to take pictures of the girls with their boyfriends/husbands, now its the girls and their little boys:)

It went well into the evening, with everyone singing along and soaking up the atmosphere!

Jake loves the view from his Daddy's shoulders:)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Calgary hospitality!

Jake & I were so lucky to see so many friends in Calgary! I'm afraid I don't have pics of them all, but here are some of his little buddies...

Another pic of the Galvin cuzzies Hayden & Macarthy. Thanks for the sleepover! As Macarthy said. "You're welcome, but you can leave now!" love it...

cousins Mira & Emma Galvin (yes they are gorgeous!)

Fraser and Sophie Packham drove with their mom Kiersten all the way from Nelson just to meet Jake! Thanks K:) Was fab to see you!

Jake's first girlfriend Malaya...
She is playing hard to get...
Ok going in for a hug:)

Sweet baby Georgia Graham - just 6 weeks old! Celeste & Shane - thanks for a delish bbq!
Big brother Carter
bigger brother Isaac in the middle!

Thanks again to everyone else who I don't have pics of. For some reason I didn't pull out my camera at the big play date at Cheryl Stewarts house. I think there were 11 kids under the age of 4?! and their mom's of course keeping everything under control:) They make it look so easy....

We love coming back to Calgary!!! Hope to see you soon, we'll bring Rich along next time, I promise!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The timing of our trip home just so happened to coincide with my parents 40th wedding anniversary! They celebrated in Richmound, Saskatchewan, the same town they were married in, their 4 kids grew up in, and where they still reside. My appreciation of the prairies just increases the longer we are away. It is a beautiful part of the world, and I love it that Jake can visit his Grandparents there too! Mom and Dad shared their celebration with lots of family and friends both old and new! A great time was had by all!

The Ziegler crew
(missing Rich)
Most of the Ziegler cousins. Jake was having too much fun to sit and look happy for a picture!

My bros and sis!

The Happy Couple!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

More from the plane

Lots of pics to go through and download, but since the last entry was about the plane, here are some from the return trip. We upgraded to premium as I was guaranteed an empty seat beside me, and it was so worth it! Due to an oversight on my part, (never to happen again!) our return trip had a touch down in Manchester (supposed to be 45 minutes, but was 2 hours...) so Jake entertained himself and others by walking up and down the aisles...

After arriving in London, we then had to wait in the longest line/queue (depending on who is reading this) to get through customs. It was another test, of my patience this time, as I had to hold Jake plus kick 2 bags up and down the line as we waited. Jake was so squirmy and just wanted to be let loose. The second I set him down, he was off, so I had to hang on to him for the entire wait. We were so happy to see Rich waiting at arrivals when we finally got through 2 hours later!

Jake had a good nights sleep and seems to be back on London time, so he really is a great little traveller!

Keep checking in as I have lots of pics to post and people to thank for making our trip home to Canada so fabulous!!