Baby Galvin

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Race for Life

I had a great time today! A bit lonely compared to the last time I did 10 years ago...when there were 16 of us, (dug out the pic below) but I was thinking of you the entire time so didn't mind:) It was pouring rain this morning and about 9:30 it stopped and stayed away for the race which started at 11. And I have a love/hate relationship with running in Hampstead Heath as the first km is easy, next 2.5k are uphill almost the entire way...then the last part is a gentle slope down and a nice way to finish. As we were coming down the last 50m, someone was telling us our finish numbers, and he pointed at me and said 97! I then sped up and passed the woman ahead of me, so finished 96th! I think there were about 2500 participants, so am happy with that, and my time was about 31minutes. I didn't take my phone so don't have any pics of all the other awesome women running today, for friends,family and just for the cause. One woman who finished a few minutes after me, pushed a buggy with a 3 year old the entire way! No idea how...I met up with the boys at queens park tennis courts and J&O were very excited to see my medal, and wanted to know if I won the race:) Jake wants to run with me next year too!