Baby Galvin

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thoughts on Jake

These pics were taken a few weeks ago right after his haircut. I asked for a little off the front, and he ended up with a bit of a buzz cut. Good for the summer though right? This next one just made me laugh:)

Haven't posted anything in awhile, just wanted to share some of the things Jake does to make us smile:) He giggles a lot and makes you feel like you are the funniest person in the world! Very good for an ego boost! He loves if you draw little circles on the palm of his hand, and when he is falling asleep will stick his arm up in the air for us to do this. Books are probably his first choice for entertainment, followed by his barrels, blocks, and of course clearing out cupboards, the fridge and washing machine....

Lately he has become obsessed with picking up garbage (could be anything) and depositing in the nearest garbage bin. This makes our walks in the park interesting as leaves are definitely garbage and Jake likes to pick them up and trot over and drop it in. Why Brent Council needs garbage men with kids like Jake around the neighbourhood, I'll never know:)

As we communicate with family in Canada via our webcam and Skype, Jake recongizes the skype ring, his eyes widen, and he lets out an excited grunt, kind of like 'oooooh!!', and runs over to the computer to say Hello to whoever could be calling! He is babbling a bit, no real words yet, but recently learned to roar like a lion, just for his Grandpa, Lion Gordon.

As Jake goes to nursery (daycare) here in London, the nursery provides us with a little report of how his day went. Some of our North American friends and family may enjoy this. So they check off 'wet or soiled nappies' which is fairly obvious, and also report on how much he ate. Usually Jake's report says 'ate all' or 'ate x 2'. He loves his food! They serve a morning snack,lunch and my favourite 'afternoon tea' (dinner/supper)- how very British! I also have to supply not only 1 change of clothes, but 3 or 4 extra shirts, for the never-ending pool of drool....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Commuting with Daddy

With our Croatia holiday over, we had a few more days running around with Auntie Jen in London and then dropped her off at the airport (where we were also reunited with the missing pram that didn't quite make it back with us from Croatia a few days earlier). We were very sad to say goodbye, and Jake can't wait till his next giggly adventure with Auntie.

So back to the grind, which means work for Rich and I, and nursery (daycare) for Jake. I am working part time, Mon, Tues and Wed, so Jake is now making lots of new friends those days at a nursery about a 15 minute walk away from our flat.

Rich drops off Jake in the morning, and Jake loves his bike rides as co-pilot with his Daddy! Here are some snaps of the morning shift. I feel quite lucky as I get to pick up Jake at the end of the day and he rides in a little backpack for our walk home together.

getting ready

all set



Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finally more from Croatia!!!

Auntie Jen making sure she gets enough kisses in while on holiday!

A few more beach bum shots

A view of our villa and private beach on Kolacep

We took the a water taxi to Dubrovnik for the day, this was the view as we approached of the stunning bridge leading into the walled city. Our plan was to walk the walls, as the views from up there are amazing, but the day ended up being too hot. We enjoyed walking around the city instead and down the 'stradun' which cuts right through the Old City. The ground is a smooth limestone walkway and and has survived the earthquake in 1667 and the Siege of Dubrovnik in 1992.

Our water taxi!
Pile Gate - entrance to the Old City via a drawbridge
Jake and Auntie Jen checking out the limestone walkway and old buildings
The light looked really cool in the narrow alleyways

Not enough pics from this spectacular city, will have to go back some day I guess:)

Back on our island, walking across to the other side of the island (half-hour walk) to find the best fish 'konoba' (restaurant)

Love the signage...
Our chef was grilling our fish, (which was fabulous!) using some kind of hairdryer to get the coals going, and checking out the other tourists approaching with binoculars. Multitasking? A little strange? Yes.

Auntie Jen and Jake relaxing during dinner:) It was such a relaxing and perfect holiday on our little island. London seemed WAY too busy when we got back...

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Our girls trip (plus Jake) was soooo relaxing! We stayed on Koločep, one of the Elaphiti islands in Croatia, a car free peaceful island boasting 250 sunny days a year...not bad! This picture was taken at about 7am and about 25 degrees:)

As usual, more pics to follow once I download and sort through them all!