Baby Galvin

Friday, November 27, 2009

36 weeks

Where does the time go? Really can't quite believe in about 4 weeks we are going to have a brand spanking new Baby Galvin! Jake knows something is going on...but will be interesting to see how he handles sharing our attention:) I feel good during the day, nights are long, but I am good at sneaking in a nap at some point during the day with Jake.

The exciting news of the week, is that I have finished up work, so am officially on mat leave...might actually get my Christmas shopping done on time this year too:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In my head

As we were getting ready to leave the flat yesterday for nursery, Jake using stalling tactics, asked me to read him a story. So I started reciting one of his favourites, 'smelly socks' from memory. He quickly ran over to me and looked eagerly for the book in my hands. And I said, 'Jake, I don't have the book, the story is in my head!' He then pulled my head down, looking on top, behind, in my ears, 'in my head' for his book ;-) Love it!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Sisters take Manhattan!

Jen & I (and bump) had a fantastic time in the big apple, literally eating our way through it...yummm! The food exceeded our expectations, and I found it quite convenient to blame the baby when I wanted more:)

I have pics on 3 different cameras, and have been quite lazy getting the pics organised. So here is the first batch from our trip!

Ah yes, and Jake & Rich survived too...more about that later:)

Here we are enjoying the sunshine in October on the Highline, which is a pedestrianised walkway above the busy streets of NY, that used to be a part of the old railway. They still have pieces of original track along the route, which is about 2 miles long. Very cool way to see the city and get away from the busy streets!

We stayed with our friends Katie & Neil in their apartment in Hoboken, just across the Hudson. This is the view from their balcony...not bad at all! They were really great hosts, and tour guides!!
Famous flat-iron building, not the best angle to show off how flat it really appears head on.
I just loved this guy and his dawg...

NY times square and token yellow taxi
Our visit was not complete without a birthday squeeze from the naked cowboy for Jen!!
View from 'top of the rock', rockafellor centre. Insider tip as we took in some perfect views without the tourist crowds at the top of the empire state building!
Central Park leaves turning gold
We celebrated Jen's birthday taking in the Knicks game at Madison Square Gardens - the Knicks even beat the Celtics!
Rockafellor Centre streetside.
That's it for now...there will likely be a NYC part 2 blog update:)