Baby Galvin

Friday, February 27, 2009

To market

Love the salusbury road sunday fave booth is the homemade cakes...yummm!

Jake likes the apples, 1 bag for 1 pound, not bad at all!

Been spending lotsa time on skype, Jake not only recognizes the skype ring, but when we are talking he complains if whoever we are talking to steps away from the camera and out of sight! Here he is up close and personal with "ANNEEEEEEEE!"

And playtime with Lincoln in the playground in Clapham...

Took most of these while Rich was away, and now that he is back, have a bit more time to post.
He had a really good trip to Canada, and will try to post some of his pics soon!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

just jake

Rich is in Canada this week for a boys ski trip, so will see how we manage without him. Just a little more patience on my end required but am sure we'll be fine:)
I didn't really know if Jake would notice, but then suddenly, Jake will look at me and say "Daddy?", like I'm hiding him somewhere. I think it really threw him tonight to skype with Rich too!

And since I can't seem to post without pics, here are a few from over the last month I forgot about...

Jake in his flames jersey complete with hockey hair!

And just being a kid...

Monday, February 02, 2009

And then it snowed....

Yep its a snow day here in London! Records are being broken with the snow still falling! Biggest snowfall in 18 years, I think 6 inches is about the average today.

Schools are closed, (including Jake's nursery) buses aren't running, most tube lines and trains are suspended, so pretty much impossible for any of us to get to work today. We made the most of it this morning, this being Jake's first real snowfall! He was a bit tentative at first, his Canadian friends & cousins probably would have laughed at him, but before too long, he was stamping his feet and throwing the snow in the air:) He was happy with my attempt at a snow angel, and kept saying Mo, Mo!! for more of course...

The other kids were loving it, snowball fights and all! Our neighbours were sweeping, not shovelling the snow off their walks, and we weren't the only ones with our camera out today:)