Baby Galvin

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy St Paddy's!

This year, we attempted to catch a leprechaun!  Not an easy task as you can see...we set a trap with real shamrocks growing beside it, a rainbow with a pot of gold, and lucky charms balancing precariously underneath.  However, Lucky the Leprechaun was sneaky and managed to escape leaving a piece of his coat behind...maybe next year!  

Pictures of the planting and growing of the lucky shamrocks! (thanks auntie Jen!)

And another pic from a few weeks ago...Happy Mothers Day to me, and to my mum and Anne and Grandma Katie, and every other mum or mom out there!  Aren't my boys photogenic? ;-)

The Stomp

Jake successfully completed his stomp (Stomp for Global Education 2013) around queens park on Friday, raising £61.52!  Yes it was cold, but they were a determined bunch and it just made the biscuits at the end taste even better!  Daddy & Ollie did go to show their support even though Jake wasn't too sure that siblings were allowed...

Over 600 students took part and Jake is just starting to wrap his head around fundraising. I'm hoping the school will tell us more about the amount raised and how their contributions helped.  Mbollet-ba is Salusbury's partnership school in the Gambia.  Their mission is to support and and change lives for the better, by providing more practical and inspiring learning environments.

Jake's words on his fundraising page were,
The children in the other school in Africa don't have much.  They don't have desks, they don't have anything on their walls.  They sit on benches in a small room.  The money could help builders make things more interesting for the children at school.
On March 22nd, I am stomping around queens park with my friends at salusbury primary school and maybe my dad and oliver.

And one of his Papa Gordon's favourite quotes from Helen Keller seems to fit here,
'Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.' 

Here are a few pics from the day.  Jake is on the far left of the first photo, wearing bright blue next to a girl in a pink hat.  

While in the park, a high school group from QPCS came stomping through, also fundraising for a school in south africa, and were carrying some amazing masks.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Captain Jake's pirate party


Candy necklaces were the runaway hit

First round Jake missed out on blowing the candles:)
2nd time much better!