Baby Galvin

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A rainbow, fruit farm...and a cemetary?

Another post from Scotland...we had a mixed bag of weather, but with the wind and rain came the most amazing rainbow I've ever seen. We chased it down and managed to get this beautiful photo!

The sun was out in the afternoon, so we stopped to pick raspberries and strawberries and along with some wasps, were able to enjoy our pickin's with a picnic lunch afterwards.

First we played...

How uncomfortable does Rich look?? The things you do for your kids!

Then we picked...

And stopped to admire these sunflowers!

We also stopped by St Andrews cathedral, which is a beautiful ruin, and Jake happily climbed around and explored, mindful of the tombstones...

Oliver stayed dry under daddy's raincoat...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Highland Games - Scotland!

We travelled up to Scotland to enjoy a truly unique holiday thanks to the advice from my good friend Gillian whose parents still live in the charming village of Kirkmicheal.

Let the games begin!

Highland games have their origins in the Scottish Clan system and date back for over three hundred years. The Clan Chief would encourage his men to participate in feats of strength, skill and endurance to prove themselves skilled in battle. While the competitive elements of the games are still an integral part of the proceedings, the spectacle of Highland dancers and pipers, combined with the colour and grandeur of the Scottish scenery, make Highland games and gatherings a highlight for every visitor to Scotland! (from visit scotland website)

Jake a little nervous as the sheep were herded towards us...

The winning sheep in its class was indeed orange!
Heavyweights in kilts;-)

Highland dancers - adorable but did not look easy!
Some of the more interesting events...wheelbarrow jousting?
Caber Toss
Tug of War - the local team (green) won for the first time in 9 years!!!
Jake climbing up for a better view, although looking the wrong direction...
Similar to a tailgate party, although champagne, bucks fizz, or anything bubbly is the beverage of choice over beer...and we were lucky enough to know some locals, (thanks Gordon and Jeanette!) so were able to get a ringside seat of the events throughout the day while never going thirsty!
Drinks and entertainment;-)

I just love everything about this picture...

My boys on a big bale of hay which were used in the bale races...

The next day we drove to St. Andrews and stayed in a perfect b&b, complete with a bagpipe wake-up call;-) We walked around St. Andrews, which is a beautiful town, and Jake & Rich even tried their luck on a 9-hole putting green.

Afterwards, Jake told us, that golfing here has been his favourite thing is his whole life so far!
Hmmm...not sure how we'll top that one!

Monday, September 06, 2010

wise words from jake

When I sneeze, "Bless you mummy" (of course), and when I cough, "Cough you mummy!"

I pulled out the suitcase to start packing for our trip, and Jake was very excited to pick out his clothes, but had some questions.
Jake: "Mummy, why are we packing the suitcase?"
Me: "To get ready for our trip!"
Jake: "If we trip mummy, will we fall down?"

And after an adorable temper tantrum (just kidding), after he settled down,
Jake: "Mummy, why was I crying?"
Me: "Good question, why were you crying?"
Jake: (after much thought) "Be-cuzzzzzz, I didn't want my kay-sa-da (quesadilla) in the frying pan" and then "Mummy, why didn't I want my quesadilla in the frying pan?"
Me: "Another good question! Why didn't you want it in the frying pan?"
Jake: "Be-cuzzzzz, I wanted it to be a wrap"
Me: "So, after all that, do you like your quesedilla?"
Jake: "Yes! Its deeeelishous! and yummy in my tummy!"