Baby Galvin

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa was here!

Jake was really excited to discover some new toys on Christmas morn...he loves his race car slippers!

The box is always the coolest part of the present, especially with built in peep holes!

Chillin out on his lion reading books...

And let the fun continue...

Who is more excited about the building blocks?
Met up with Uncle Mike and Livia before xmas as they were spending the holidays in Brazil.
We celebrated Christmas Eve at Matt & Christina's, Wii kept us entertained, especially Guitar Hero...
Christmas Day at Jen & Brandons, mmmm fondue!
More guitar hero...

Merry Christmas from the Galvins. Jake must like champagne too...don't worry, the cork didn't get stuck:)

Jake still has a few presents from Canada to open up...hopefully we will be able to coordinate the skype sessions with all our family back home later today!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas traditions

Not yet 2, I was suprised that Jake was to perform in the Christmas concert at his nursery. But intrigued enough to go and watch of course! The pics aren't great, but funny enough...

Jake getting carried in to his position...

Trying to understand why 50 parents are staring at him...meanwhile his buddy Rani has spotted his mom next to me.

The moment where Jake spots me and points crying mama...
Definitley not singing along to twinkle twinkle, just can't understand why he can't come see me...

The dress code was white shirts and denim, Jake being the proud Canadian wore his flag!

Then we had a sweet little celebration in our corner 'pocket park' complete with lanterns, chestnuts roasting, mulled wine, father christmas, and song sheets with christmas carols were handed out on arrival.

Try and find him...he loved it!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jake's back!

Not that he went away...he was just sick for a week, which is far too long!!

So, feeling better and up for a party...we celebrated one of his friend's birthday at Gymboree on the weekend. It was pouring all day so this was the perfect way to keep everyone happy indoors:)

If you ever think Christmas shopping is a little too busy for you wherever you live, try Oxford Street in London on a Saturday 2 weeks before the big day...they even closed the street down to vehicles, and the pedestrians took over! Pretty sure online shopping is the way forward!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Under the weather

Jake has not been feeling this is how we've been spending the last few days...either on the couch...

....or in bed... so hard when your kids are sick isn't it?

As we have been housebound, I have had time to download, size, etc some pics from the last few weeks.

This is the Jake we are used to!
Busy making Christmas crafts with Lincoln...
Smiling and giggling!
Watching his friends get thrown around...
We also celebrated American Thanksgiving with friends at Jen & Brandon's 2nd location of their restaurant Tortilla. It was sooooo yummy, and really funny that we were standing in the queue at the burrito bar for turkey, stuffing, sweet potato, & gravy...mmmm!
Mark looking very excited to tuck in!
I love the Margarita slush machine! Jake was happy with the free tortilla chips and guac from Brandon;-)
Jen & Christina

And finally, here are a few pics when we were out with our visiting friends Kiersten, Mark & his sister. It was really good to see them and Jake loved the attention!

So, we hope that he is back to himself soon!

Monday, December 01, 2008

It's great to be a kid!

Doesn't this make you want to finger paint?!?

Not sure the last time I was this excited about a book either...

This is his fave book from Grandpa Gordon! Jake loves when Grandpa reads it to him, especially the page 'Hello Jack, Hello Jake, shake hands, shake hands, shake, shake shake!'