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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter in Londontown

The winds pick up and the rain starts to fall (continues really), but I don't have any good pics of the rain, mainly because trying to push Jake's pram, hold an umbrella and take a picture just doesn't work. So instead, here is a crisp winter day down by the water. Big Ben looking as imposing as ever!

Jake finishing off mum's latte (caffeine is ok for babies once they hit 9 months right? don't worry, only joking)

My favourite dept store - Selfridges, always has crazy window displays.

Carnaby Street decked out (close to Piccadilly Circus)


Blogger Auntie Jen said...

Ahh wish I was spending the holidays in London with you. Love how festive and warm that city gets this time of year!!

3:12 PM  

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